Blue Line, Housing, and Taxes.

Last week I attended the Minnesota Human Rights Symposium. Affordable housing was a constant theme. A concern shared by human rights advocates across the state. A presenter from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency stated that we need 122,000 affordable housing units state-wide to meet the current need. If the Blue Line extension is approved and […]

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Why Should I Care?

Why should I be concerned about my city government? 1. You pay for it. About 1/3rd of your property tax bill goes to the city government. 2. In Brooklyn Park, the city government provides you with clean, safe drinking water. 3. Your city government provides for law enforcement and fire protection. 4. The city government […]

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What does the City Council do?

What does City Council do? A city council is the legislative branch of a city government. Like the US Senate, they pass laws, ordinances and budgets that are then enforced by the executive branch, in the case of Brooklyn Park, that is the City Manager. The city council… …determines big picture budget priorities. …debates and […]

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